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Applying for Membership

Download the Membership Application form and the  Membership Application Notes. 
If you need further help completing the form, please contact the Membership Secretary.

Top tips on completing the application form:

Bear in mind when you complete your application form you are aiming to give the committee:

A flavour of your personal mountain experience in different conditions in Scotland, e.g. walking, scrambling, climbing, in summer and winter

The confidence that you have a realistic knowledge of your skills and that these meet the Club criteria 

Submitting your application

  • Submit your form to the Membership Secretary at least six weeks before the next Committee meeting (e.g. by end of January or end of August). Please refer to the Membership Application Notes when filling in your form.
  • You need a Proposer and two Seconders, to support your application: they must have personal knowledge of you on the hill. The Proposer must be a Full Member but one of the two Seconders may be a Graduating Member.
  • Proposers and Seconders complete a Proposer Form advising the Committee that you have shown a full range of competencies. No one individual needs to have seen all your competencies in action, but between the Proposer and the Seconders, the range of competencies should be covered.
  • Your application will be considered at the next Committee meeting and the Membership Secretary will advise you of the outcome as soon as possible.
  • Graduating Members must apply to upgrade to Full Membership within six years of joining the Club; as before you need to apply six weeks before the Committee Meeting, submitting a new application form which demonstrates your areas of development since you originally applied (there is no need to resubmit previous information) together with new Proposer and two Seconder forms to support your application.



Want to know more?

Please do not hesitate to get in contact if you need any further information about Ladies Scottish Climbing Club