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Our 2019 Programme

Meets provide opportunities for walking and/or climbing depending on the conditions and guests are very welcome to join us.
Each meet has a designated co-ordinator, who can provide guidance on the level of activity to be undertaken. There is always a suitable group or meet that our guests can join. However, please contact the Membership Secretary in the first instance.   
Membership Secretary | Martine Marletta

There is more general information about coming out with the Club on the FAQs page.
Also please read important information on:

Wed Walks:
These are organised by the Glasgow area for the 3rd Wed in each month. 
Times and venue can alter depending on weather and conditions so please get in touch beforehand and you will receive updates. 
Contact Glasgow and West | Noelle Ryan

Recent Changes/additions: 
           18 Oct - 19 Oct  Milehouse Maintenance   

     Dates* Venue
20 Sept - 21 Sept Coriusk Memorial Hut, Skye
27 Sept - 28 Sept Ronnan Cottage** - Maintenance
4 Oct
Committee meeting
12 Oct - 19 Oct Kalymnos
18 Oct - 19 Oct
18 Oct- 19 Oct
Milehouse Maintenance
1 Nov - 2 Nov Milehouse**
16 Nov AGM - Crianlarich
29 Nov - 30 Nov Blackrock**
14 Dec Ratho
29 Dec -2 Jan Milehouse** -New Year Meet
24 Jan - 25 Jan Blackrock** - Burns Supper
14 Feb - 15 Feb Ronnan**
21 Feb - 22 Feb Milehouse**
6 Mar - 7 Mar Blackrock**
14 Mar Milehouse Committee

* Please note that for week-end meets, the dates refer to the (previous) night for which accommodation has been booked.

** Blackrock, Milehouse and Ronnan refer to meets at our club huts in Glencoe, the Cairngorms and Aultbea respectively.

Each region organises its own activities throughout the year, including regular climbing nights and evening slideshows over the winter. For details, see the Regional Events page or contact the local organiser via the Contact Us page.


Beinn Eighe in October

Need to get to the other side....

Walking up snow slope

Want to know more?

Please do not hesitate to get in contact if you need any further information about Ladies Scottish Climbing Club