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LSCC Huts in COVID 19 - status update 23 March 2021

Following the First Minister’s announcements on 16 March, we intend to reopen our huts from 26 April, for booking by our members only.
Given the ongoing restrictions on ‘in-home socialising’, which determine the occupancy of  self-catering accommodation like huts, our huts will remain closed for bookings by other clubs until 31 August 2021.
The occupancy rules will change over time, but current indications are that in the first instance, from 26 April these will mean 1 household only can stay. It is intended by Scottish Government that from 17 May in-home socialising will be relaxed to 2 households (4 people max), so then 2 households can stay. The timetable for further lifting of restrictions from June is more uncertain, but the intention appears to be that from early June ‘in-home socialising’ may be allowed for 3 households (6 people max) with no further relaxation intended later in June, so hut use is not expected to be anywhere near normal capacity over the summer.

Use of LSCC huts must strictly and at all times be in accordance with Scottish Government regulations and guidance regarding indoor household gatherings, use of holiday accommodation, travel etc, that are in force at time of use of the hut. 
Detailed protocols for use and cleaning are in place for each hut, and need to be complied with by all users. This information will be provided by Booking Secretaries  (for non-LSCC users) or can be found in the Members Area (for LSCC members). 
We will regularly review the status of our huts and update here when any change is made.
If you have any questions about a booking you have, please do not hesitate to contact the Bookings and Finance Secretary for the hut you have booked.

LSCC Meets
For information on LSCC Meets - and Day Meets - see the Covid 19 page. 

Welcome to the Ladies Scottish Climbing Club

      the oldest all-women's mountaineering club still in existence, founded in 1908.

Since its foundation in 1908 the aim of the Ladies Scottish Climbing Club (LSCC) has been 'to bring together women who are committed to mountaineering in Scotland and to encourage all aspects of mountaineering at home and abroad'.

Find out more about our history, our programme of activities (Meets), our Huts and how to join us. 

Today our members, who live all over Scotland and outside Scotland as well, are united by a love of exploring wild places. We have a programme of varied events mainly in Scotland where we climb, hill-walk and go mountaineering in summer and winter. There are regular Club trips to the Alps in summer and, intermittently, to places further afield including Greenland, the Himalayas and South America.  Our members also get together outside the Club programme to do other activities, including kayaking, ski-touring and mountain biking.  Guests and prospective members are very welcome to attend Meets but please contact the Membership Secretary in the first instance.  Regional Events take place around Glasgow, Perth, Edinburgh and the Highlands with programmes of winter slide evenings, climbing at indoor walls, and, weather permitting, cragging at local outcrops

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Our History

Find out more about our History and our activities over more than 100 years.

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Find out about our huts, their locations, availability and how to book.

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Our activities

Our weekend Meets are all over Scotland and.......  - come along as a guest.

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Enjoying the snow and sunshine

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