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Various Publications

  • The history of the Club is told by Helen Steven in ‘Rising to the Challenge – a 100 years of the Ladies Scottish Climbing Club’ published by the Scottish Mountain Trust in 2010. It is not only a chronicle of the Club’s history but of women and their achievements in the context of mountaineering and a society where the role of women has changed over 100 years. (See opposite or below for mobile screens.) 

  • The story of the 1955 Himalayan expedition is told in ‘Tents in the Clouds’ by Monica Jackson, republished in 2000 by Seal Press (US). It is an amusing and inspirational account of three women who parted from jobs and family to ‘subject themselves to extreme discomfort on some lonely, alien and desolate wrinkles on the earth’s surface’.

Club 'Publications'

LSCC Journals - from time to time the Club publishes a Journal.  

  • The latest Journal was out in November 2018.
    (Past Journals are with the Archivist.)

Alpine Journals

  • Members wrote reports of various Alpine Meets which were bound by a Club Member.  There are some copies in Blackrock and Milehouse.
    Many of these are in electronic format and with our Archivist. 

Poems to celebrate 'events':

Centenary  Gathering at Lix Toll Boulder & Poem May 2008
Blackrock - Coal Shed Poem
Ronnan -    Inauguration Poem

The poems in these articles are copyright to the author, Pat Brown.  Hence for any reproduction please Contact us.


LSCC songbook 

  • A collection of Songs - available to Members only.





Rising to the Challenge

What is your top tip for a new member of the club?
It’s great – just throw yourself at it.

Why this club?
They’re a wonderful bunch with such an expansive membership base and so many different experiences to draw on.

Mhairi Martin, Member

Want to know more?

Please do not hesitate to get in contact if you need any further information about Ladies Scottish Climbing Club